45 BEERS/2020 CARNIVAL WEEKEND, 21.-23. 2. 2020.

Dear Hashers!

45 Beers/2020 Carnival Weekend is traditionally organized from February 21 until 23, 2020 by Zagreb H4 in amazing „Hrvatsko Zagorje“ area of Croatia. This time we have accommodation in „Lojzekova hiža“ (click on link!) old style guesthouse with delicious food, wine and beer.

Program for the Carnival Weekend is following:


18:00 – Welcome time with dinner and drinks


09:00 – Breakfast

11:00 – Carnival run (properly dressed please)

14:00 – Hash circle and lunch

19:00 – Carnival Dinner and party (properly dressed please)


09:00 – Breakfast

11:00 – Hangover Run

13:00 – Hash Circle and good-bye lunch

Cost for the Carnival weekend is 150 €. You will get there full board for the weekend, wine and beer and a lot of fun. Hash goods are included. Single room (optional) will be charged 20 € additionally.


Guesthouse “Lojzekova hiža”, Gusakovec 116, HR-49245 Gornja Stubica

Web: lojzekova-hiza.eu

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/nKUf5XHzADazRSNq6


Please make registration on link below as soon as possible due limitation of beds. There is room for 48 hashers only.

Zagreb H4 45 Beers/Carnival Run 2020 – Registration Form

Looking forward to seeing again our old friends and make some new friendship.

On, on,

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